Review Policy

Currently accepting only audiobooks

First of all, I want to make it clear that I don’t get paid for reviews, I don’t take money for it. My reviews will be honest.

If you don’t read my policy, I won’t read your submission. It’s that simple. I know when people don’t read my policy, it has very detailed instructions on how to construct the submission. So please, let’s respect each other, you read mine, I’ll read yours. Seems fair to me.

If you want me to read and review your book please send me an email at with the subject line saying, “Review Request – Book Title” AND NOTHING MORE. My name is Alexandra by the way.

IMPORTANT: If that email will not have the name of the book in the title or lack anything of the following I will delete it:

  • Author
  • Book Title
  • Category (MG/YA/NA/Adult)
  • Genre (Fantasy/Romance/Sci-Fi/Contemporary/etc)
  • Page count (with word count if possible)
  • Goodreads link to the book (make one if you don’t have it, it’ll make your life easier)
  • Cover (in the body, no attachments, please. If I’ll need it, I will request the cover file as an attachment)
  • Book Blurb (make it short)
  • PDF or epub format of the book (epub is preferred) Audiobook attached/download link
  • Author social media, especially instagram and twitter! (very important, I want to be able to tag you in my social media when I promote your work; it’s okay if you don’t have it though)

I will also delete multiple requests that are sent by one person, so if you want more than one book to be reviewed, keep in mind that I accept only one email. So place all your book titles in one email and then I’ll see if any of your books will be a good fit for me and the blog.

What will happen when you send out a Review Request?

I’ll answer with an email to notify you if I’ll accept your request or not. As soon as I’m done reading I’ll email you a second time once I publish the review, I’ll give you all the links, etc.

So seeing that I am very blunt in my reviews I might just shit on it altogether, so be aware of that when you ask me for a review because I will write everything I think! In that case, the only thing I might agree on doing is NOT RATE the book on Goodreads, but I’ll still leave a review.

I post reviews on my blog, my BookTube channel, Goodreads and I can also post a review on Kobo and Smashwords if you so desire. Unfortunately I cannot write reviews on Amazon (I’m working on this). So please keep that in mind when you ask me for a review. Upside to this – I’ll be promoting your work no matter what.


I have the standard 5-star rating system (with some exceptions, I might add half a star here and there):

★★★★★ – I loved it, it’s perfect and has absolutely NO flaws. (if it has, then the book was so good that it didn’t matter)

★★★★ – I liked it, but it could be even better

★★★ – It was okay. Could be better. Probably just not my type of book

★★ – Meh. I either didn’t like the story, the writing, or that book is simply not for me

★ – It was awful, but I still managed to finish it (giving out VERY RARELY)

DNF – this speaks for itself.


  • ANYTHING Romance (even erotica if it’s good)
  • Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
  • Sci-Fi
  • Contemporary


Anything really, I’m willing to give any book a chance as long as it’s fiction. I don’t read non-fiction at all.


  • Non-Fiction
  • Western Novels
  • Religious Books (I’m an atheist, I hate it when people try to get that religion down my throat)
  • Stupid Cliche Zombie Books


  • Vampires
  • Forbidden love
  • Hate-to-Love tropes
  • Action
  • Beautiful views (may it be a room or a landscape, I love having a pretty picture in my head)
  • Billionaire MC’s and fun sidekicks


  • Again, religion
  • Too stupid main characters
  • When my favorite character dies (and doesn’t resurrect) – okay this one is just something I hate to see but still tolerate, some of my absolute favourites have this
  • Cliche Zombies
  • Descriptions of every damn move of the MC